The Prayer that God Cannot Ignore

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The Prayer that God Cannot Ignore

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Excerpt from Chapter One - The day God Revealed the Prayer he can't Ignore - from the book The Prayer God Cannot Ignore by Prophet Uebert Angel

"I do not answer prayer; I have never answered prayer and I will never answer prayer"

'What?' i asked shocked out of my wits. For years, I have been given the grace to speak to the Lord as Moses spoke to him in the days of old, 'as a man speaks to his friend', but this was a different conversation.

"Prayer is just a medium of exchange to me, I only answer what backs it. I don't answer prayer"

He continued.

With three university degrees in the field of business and finance, the moment I heard the words 'prayer is just a medium of exchange' my mind raced uncontrollably trying to link the word of the Lord on prayer to what the financial world taught me about mediums of exchange. I knew that I was onto something deep but so simple that even a child would get it, but at the time of hearing this, I was immediately thrown into discovery mode. I knew right away that I needed to know what makes prayer catch the undivided attention of God. This was a mission I was not to fail. I just had to know 'the prayer that God cannot ignore!'