The Greatest Secret God Told Me About Money

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The Greatest Secret God Told Me About Money

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Excerpt from Chapter One - The Day God Told Me the Secret

I had not given him much attention.

He was there and twice or thrice attempted to get my attention. Who was he and why was he trying to make contact?

"Do you realize you can have the greatest secret to money on your fingertips?"

The old man spoke.

My face remained blank, as I looked at him pacing the grounds of the only hotel right in the core of Old Jerusalem, the Hashimi Hotel. This was my fourth visit to the Holy Land, Israel. It was an unprovoked conversation if I can put it that way. I had not asked for it and neither was I talking to him nor was I interested in doing so.

Who was he? I had no idea, and except for the black robe and cap, there was no way to tell.

As if he was not the one who started the conversation, the Rabbi's black cap dropped a little on the side in a way that could have said to a passerby, 'I don't want to talk to this man but he is forcing the conversation'. Far from it, the old Rabbi was the one who had started it all, and was bent on making me understand this thing that he called 'the secret to money'.

He stroked his 'Tzit-tzit' (fringes attached to the tallit/prayer shawl) a little and then lifted his head and looked me straight in the eye, and with his hoarse voice coming from an evidently old but barrel-chested body,

He spoke:

"Have you ever wondered why Jews even in their small numbers are the richest and the most influential worldwide?"

I had questioned it myself and even answered it in my own way but not the way the old man was about to bring it down to me.

"We Jews have known the secret to money for thousands of years and that's why we are prosperous!"