The God-Kind of Faith

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The God-Kind of Faith

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How to Possess the Mountain Moving Faith that Created the World

Through vivid storytelling and compelling anecdotes, Uebert Angel explores the inherent potential of faith and its ability to transcend the boundaries of what is conventionally deemed possible. Reflecting on his own exploits and those of iconic biblical figures, from the faith that prompted Moses to part the Red Sea to the faith demonstrated by the Lord Jesus, Prophet Angel illustrates how faith has been harnessed throughout history to yield extraordinary results and proves that this same power is still exists today in an even greater measure. 

This captivating exploration bridges the gap between theology and spirituality, inviting readers to embark on their own profound spiritual journeys to possess the same faith that created the world. The God-Kind of Faith presents practical steps to cultivate and strengthen your God-Kind of faith, drawing upon principles derived from contemplative prayer, meditation, and exercising the muscles of faith. 

With an empowering tone and skillful balance between theology and spirituality, The God-Kind of Faith inspires you to tap into the transformative power of this creative faith. It encourages you to believe in the possibilities contained within your own life and actively embrace your role as co-creator in a world fashioned by the immense capacities of faith.

As you immerse yourself in the pages of The God-Kind of Faith, you will be emboldened to embark on your own spiritual journey and unlock the boundless potential that lies within your grasp. This book serves as an enlightening guide to discovering the transformative force of faith and its ability to shape your life and the world at large and perform miracles, signs, and wonders.