The Effective Soul Winner

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The Effective Soul Winner

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The Effective Soul Winner: Everything You Need to Know About Communicating God’s Love and Leading Souls to Christ

God's greatest desire is to see souls saved. Nothing gives God joy like seeing a sinner turn away from his sins to righteousness.

Soul winning is the heartbeat of God. The scripture records in Luke 15:10 that Heaven erupts with joy when a sinner repents. That is how significant soul winning is to God and will be to you. 

In this book, Becoming an Effective Soul Winner, world-renowned prophet and teacher, Uebert Angel, gives an exhaustive summary of the benefits of soul winning and proven tactics for how to bring souls to the saving message of Christ at any cost. Be enriched by this in-depth teaching and discover why Christians who love God must abide by the scriptural art of soul winning and become effective soul winners!