Spiritual Warfare

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Spiritual Warfare

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Spiritual Warfare: How to Enforce Your God-Given Supernatural Authority to Neutralize Demonic Activity, Overcome Demonic Strategies, and Pull Down Strongholds

In this book, world-renowned Prophet, exceptional teacher, and best-selling author, Uebert Angel, exposes the lies perpetrated by many teachers and preachers on the subject of spiritual warfare and brings clarity to this seemingly complex topic. Drawing from his years of teaching on this subject, experience with the devil and demonic forces, and undeniable visitations from the Lord Jesus Christ, Prophet Uebert Angel de-mystifies spiritual warfare and provides answers to the many pertinent questions concerning our God-given power over the devil and his cohorts.

This book teaches precise techniques on how to enforce your supernatural authority to neutralize the devil and demonic forces, overcome demonic strategies, and pull down strongholds. It also exposes the lies and trickery of the devil and identifies the source of his power.

Spiritual Warfare is a book that transcends theory. It provides practical applications that you, as a Christian, can use to enforce Satan's position of defeat and win every battle he wages against you. This is a must-read for everyone serious about being an undefeated champion in spiritual warfare.