Praying for the Impossible

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Praying for the Impossible

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Excerpt from Chapter One - When You Must Have A Miracle at All Cost

A Time I Needed A Miracle

This revelation of praying for the impossible came at a time when I was in deep waters financially in my television ministry. Beverly and I had just launched Miracle TV and it needed thousands upon thousands of dollars to keep it afloat. In fact at the time, we were in the red since this channel is funded solely by my wife and I.

When this revelation came, Miracle TV was literally on its knees yet there was no one to turn to, or may I say I did not ask for money from those who could have helped. You see for faith to grow, many times you don't need to accept a lot of handouts and with five days left for the channel to be closed for no payment, I became very desperate in my spirit to get a supernatural answer. My spirit began to get information from on high on s better way of getting a miracle at all cost but I was not getting the whole revelation. My spirit knew there was a way but with five days left it was now despairing.

You see, there are many prayers one can pray as stated in 1 Timothy 2:1

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, PRAYERS, intercessions and giving of thanks, be done for all man...

Did you see that? Timothy says there are prayers meaning to say these are many. Now, I don't mean to be dogmatic but I had used all the prayers I knew how to pray and had fasted all I knew how to fast but it seemed there was just no answer. The miracle was nowhere to be found and soon the five days left became 2 days. I was still trusting God but this was a problem. He was the one who had said we should start Miracle TV and now it seemed as if there was no answer coming.

And thats when it happened. PRAYING FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE... How to pray and get a Miracle at all cost!